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Therapeutic help for parents and babies

Support for families across Worcestershire and Herefordshire

How We Work

Nurture Families works holistically with families, statutory providers and third sector organisations to provide early help in the community through specialist parent-infant therapy that is unavailable elsewhere.  

Families are seen by our multidisciplinary team according to their needs and goals for improving the parent infant relationship. This may be a combination of 1:1 counselling, group infant massage classes and peer-led support groups. 

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Parent-Infant Relationship Support

Having a baby is one of the most significant life events we can experience. It is often a source of great joy, but for a variety of reasons, it can also sometimes be unexpectedly difficult. You may be asking:

  • Why can’t I cope?
  • I can’t find someone like me who has been through this before.
  • Why do I keep crying? Is it hormonal? Do I have postnatal depression?
  • I don’t know what is normal. Do I need help with my feelings?
  • I don’t feel bonded with my baby.  
  • When does it get easier?
Perhaps you have questions of your own? We are here to help you find the answers. Nurture Families can offer you the right kind of support. Get in touch today.

Healthy Babies Start With a Healthy Mum

You Are Not Alone

We are a multidisciplinary team with a family centered approach. We work with parents and babies in and around Worcestershire, from conception to age two. Parents in Worcestershire and Herefordshire can contact us directly or are referred by health visitors, GPs, social workers or other local agencies for a variety of reasons. We may see clients 1:1, as a family or in a group.

Once the referral has been submitted, we will be in contact to discuss and arrange an initial appointment. If you are unsure if Nurture Families is suitable, please get in touch with us to enquire.

Nurture Families is registered in England and Wales.
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