A Connected Local Early Childhood Ecosystem

We develop and deliver innovative research-informed professional development training, consultancy and supervision that builds a quality early childhood workforce with knowledge and skills in family support, enabling policymakers to build equitable systems.

Investments in Early Childhood provide a 13% annual return on investment through better outcomes in education, health, employment and social wellbeing. It is a unique period of opportunity.

-Dr James Heckman

A Valued Frontline Workforce
Worth Investing In

A well-trained and well-supported workforce is essential to the delivery of quality early education and care for our children and families. Our work with early childhood professionals is a critical part of how we scale our reach and impact. By reaching and working in partnership with early childhood professionals, we can help build a highly skilled workforce that delivers stronger outcomes for more children and their families.

Nurture Families’ professional development programme strengthens the workforce by helping them to understand and support all parent-infant relationships, to identify issues where they occur and to take appropriate action. We focus on building skills that empower families to overcome difficulties and build strengths and resilience.

Our Expertise


Led by our parent-infant therapists and co-ordinators, we translate field-tested approaches to training into research-informed professional development offerings. 


We know that having difficult conversations is an essential part of the early childhood professional role. Working in partnership with practitioners, we will help them to develop skills to support parent-infant relationships which enable sensitive and appropriate conversations with families to identify needs and risks. 


Our training programmes are designed to help early childhood professionals to deliver high-quality education and care for children and families.


Since 2018, we have also hosted events to ensure anyone working in the early childhood sector has access to various tools they need to support our young children and families.

Our Impact

In it's first iteration, Nurture Families' parent-infant relationship team have been supporting families across Worcestershire and Herefordshire.
  • We reached 190+ professionals through our professional development programmes

  • We provided consultancy to 4 providers, reaching 40+ professionals

  • We have held conferences for 140+ early childhood professionals